11/3/17  Proud to announce we now have a Registered Grand Champion Mini Lop - Bobbi Jo.  Please continue to contact us via email if you are interested in our Mini Lop breed.  We also have Netherland Dwarf and Mini Rex rabbits!

12/13/15  We currently have several Sr. Mini Lop rabbits for sale.  Please contact us for details on sex, color and price.  We are reducing our inventory of these great animals and willing to negotiate!  


Litter #1 Bobbi Jo x Hansel

1.  Solid Black Steel Gold Tip Buck  2.  Solid Black Steel Gold Tip Buck  3.  Solid Opal Buck  4.  Broken Black Steel Gold Tip Doe

Litter #2 Honey x Squirt 

1.  Broken Black Steel Gold Tip Buck 2.  Broken Black Steel Gold Tip Doe   3.  Broken Black Buck  4.  Solid Black Buck 

5/7/15  We will have several Mini Lops for sale at 8 weeks old, beginning June 17, 2015.  Please contact us and remember to leave your contact information.  Deposits are recommended to reserve a specific kit.  We currently have both broken and solid pedigree rabbits.  

We also have 8 month old black Netherland Dwarf rabbits for sale.  

9/3/14  It's always exciting when the nest boxes are full! Doc McStuffins had a litter of Netherland Dwarfs and Honey had a litter of Mini Lops!! Too soon to pull them out and take pictures, but I will soon.

4/1/14  Mini Lop litter appears to be all female!!  Arranging for pick ups now!  Solid and broken does available.  Please contact us!  

2/20/14  Litter of Mini Lops doing great!  They will be ready for new homes in 7 weeks, just before Easter.  Contact us today!  We only have five!

2/14/14  Our Valentine's Day Easter Bunnies were born today!

11/7/13  Two weeks old today!  Eyes are open, activity increasing and they now have a full coat of fur!  

10/24/13  Mini Lop litter born this morning - we think we count five living, one did not make it.    Pictures to come soon so you can watch them grow!  We are very excited!  

10/20/13 I placed the nest box in Dora's cage last evening.  This morning, she has it full of fur and organized just how she wants it.  She was a busy mama last night!  Mini Lop kits coming soon!!  


All Sales are on a first come, first served basis.  A 50% deposit is required to hold a rabbit for a later purchase.  Payment in full is expected upon taking possession of the rabbit.  Cash only please.  

If a rabbit is sold as a show rabbit, it is of the quality to go to the show table, winning is not guaranteed.  Show quality rabbits come with a pedigree and ear tattoo.  Pet rabbits are sold without pedigrees and are not intended for show or breeding.  

Rabbits are provided with any education needed on their care, please ask if you have questions.  All sales are final, no refunds will be issued.  However, if you can no longer care for your rabbit, please contact us to assist you in finding a new home.  

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